dimanche 25 novembre 2007

T.V Journal Assignment # 5

I liked watching T.V.programme Smallville because the characters are very interesting. There is a new character with a supernaturel power each week. It's a good action series. Before, I never wathed series in English, because I did not understand. I was not very good in English and I had difficulty to undertand my English teacher in my class. Since watching this series, I undersand my teacher more and I improved my vocabulary, my grammar and my comprehension. In the futur, I will continue to wath this programme on T.V. and also other series. I would like to recommend this series to other students because the characters speak slowly and we can put the subtiles on and it's easier to learn. It is a very good programme to help learn English, and if you have children, it is a good series for them. My son watched Smallville sometimes with me and this helped him in school.

mercredi 31 octobre 2007

Smallville episode nine

My name is Clark Kent

Saturday night, I was going to Metropolises Museum. I saw the old armour of Alexander the Great. My freinds were there, Lex and Lana. I was desappointed to see Lana with Whitney and I went to take air outside. I was walking in the street when I saw a bus that ran straight into a homeless person. I used my super speed power and my super physical strenght power and I stopped the bus, and then I ran away. Unfortunately, a policeman was there and he saw me but I didn't know that.

The next morning, I told the story to my parents and I went to shool. At the end of day, I returned home. I was walking to the garage of my father when I saw a police badge on the floor. I was leaning to the floor to look for the badge when the big motor of my father fell on my body. I used my super strenght and I propelled the motor to the other side of the room. Later, a man was going down the stairs and he applauded me. He told me that he knew my power. He saw the accident at the Metropoloses Museum. His name is Sam Felan. This man wanted me to do bad things. He threatened to tell the truth of my power to all people. I didn't have a choice, I had to obey Felan.

To start, I stole the files in the safe. However, I threw the safe on Sam's car. I called the police and I gave the files to Sam and I ran away. After, I stole the armour of Alexander the Great. I opened the cage and when Sam put his hands on the armour, I took the armour and threw it outside, in fronth of two policemen and I got his fingerprint.

In the end, Sam tried to kill me and the policemen arrived and they killed Sam. Later, my father was free prison and I promised my parents that I would be carefull in the future.

samedi 6 octobre 2007

Smallville episode four

In this episode, Clark Kent was confonted by a girl ' Tina'. She had supernatural powers, she had transormed her appearance and she became an other person.

All this started when Tina took the appearance of Lex Luthor and she went to burgle the Bank. Lex was a freind of Superman and he managed the enterprise of his father. Rose, the mother's Tina, descovered the money from the Bank. Rose and Tina were quarrelling when Tina pushed her mother down the stairs and she died. Also, Tina had an obsession that she would becam, Lana. She wanted to be Lana because she thought that Lana had a beautiful life, so she must kill Lana. However, Clrak Kent discovered another of his powers, he was able to see throught the walls and the human body. He discovered the plant's Tina and the money of the Bank. Superman saved the life that Lana and he deounced the bad actions of Tina to police. Finally, Tina went to prison and the life in Smallville became normal again.

mercredi 5 septembre 2007

The series Smallville

The series Smallville speacks to a public of all ages. It's a programe of fiction that plays once a week on T.V. I rented whole the series from the video store. I chose this programe because I grew up with Superman. It was the super hero of 70's. I viewed all the films. This character has always fascinated me since I was young. I hope that this series will give me as much pleasure at is did in the past. The first thing in the programme that we can view are three pricipal characters, Clark Kent, Lana and whitney. Clark is a man who has supernatural power and he can't reveal his secret to anybody. He is in love whit Lana, his good freind, but Lana has a boyfriend, whitney. He is jealous because Lana spends a lot of time with Superman. The story began in 1989 when an V.F.O.I crached on the world with a meteorite shower. The young hero has been brought up by the farmer. He grew and began to havehis magic power. He doesn't know that the meteorite shower, that fell on the world with him, had released an unknown substance. Whoever was close to the explosion, received radiations and surnatural power. The characters are special and aren't nice. Clark Kent will have to confront them to bring speace back to Smallville.

jeudi 30 août 2007